Thursday 10 December 2009

Sport Clip Art

A lot of people recently have emailed me asking for sport clip art, which I found strange since I have already posted a lot of sports and athletic clipart on this site. But then I realized that rather than posting them all in one central place, I had posted them all separately in different subcategories like baseball, hockey, etc. So today I decided to aggregate those various posts and give you all of the links to those sport clip art collections in one entry.

So here they are!

Free Sports Clipart

Free Basketball Clipart

Soccer Clipart

Funny Golf Clipart

Free Golf Clipart

Free Football Clipart

Free Tennis Clipart

Free Softball Clipart

Cheerleading Clip Art

That's all of the sport clip art for now. But it is very likely that I will add more in the future, since I am interested in athletics and fitness and I enjoy sports. Especially sports like ice hockey, which is like the national pastime of my home country Canada. Officially, lacrosse is our national sport. But ice hockey is much more popular. Anyway, enjoy the clipart and see you next time!

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