Saturday 17 July 2010

Simple Hot Dog Clip Art

Since I have been getting a lot of requests for hot dog clip art, I decided to bring some to Clipart For Free. So over the next few entries I'll be bringing you some great hot dog clip art images.

Hot dogs are not the most nutritious food in the world. They're made from a mix of throwaway meat products and flavored with a little spice to make them taste like something! But hot dogs bring back lots of childhood memories for me. Especially hot dog day at school, when kids would be treated to hot dogs and other goodies at lunch time. I also have a lot of birthday party memories that come up when I eat hot dogs.

The first entry in our hot dog clip art series is this most simple hot dog image:

The simplest hot dog clipart you'll ever see

Get more free hot dog clip art images (and loads of others) at

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