Friday 13 March 2009

American Eagle Clipart

The Bald Eagle was chosen as the national symbol of the United States in 1789. It was chosen as America's symbol because it is a potent symbol of power and independence. It is uncontrolled by anyone else, flying high in the sky above the world. As America had recently fought for and won its independence, such symbolism was very intoxicating for the young country. Not everybody agree with this choice of bird, however. Benjamin Franklin himself was strongly opposed to adopting the eagle as the symbol of American patriotism, preferring the Wild Turkey. In his description, the wild turkey is the bird that works hard to catch a fish all on his own, and the eagle simply waits until the hard work is done then steals the fish from the one who caught it. Franklin preferred the hard-working modesty of the wild turkey. But the eagle won the battle, becoming the ubiquitous symbol of America, appearing on most of its national seals.

In this time of turmoil for the United States, it is important to remember who we are as Americans and to be patriotic citizens. These patriotic eagle clipart images are a potent reminder that America is a strong nation that can overcome any challenge.

Patriotic clipart of American eagle
The bald eagle: America's national symbol
The American people's national symbol: the bald eagle clipart.
American patriotic eagle clipart pics for free
Free patriotic eagle clip art images for Americans who love their country.

I hope these free American eagle clipart pics help you feel empowered as an American! We shall overcome the challenges we face, because the American spirit will allow nothing else.

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