Monday 2 March 2009

Free Cartoon Eagle Clipart

This is the second eagle theme that I have posted on this blog, but the first theme was of realistic eagles. Today's collection is of more cartoonish looking eagles to have a bit more fun with.

Eagles are cool and powerful animals, which I guess is why they make such cool characters in animation and cartoons. When I lived in Canada I would regularly see bald eagles in the trees or flying in the sky up above. They are amazing and majestic creatures. That's why kids love them. So here are some free cartoon eagle clipart for you to download.

Free cartoon eagle clipart picture.

Yellow cartoon eagle free clip art.

Cartoon clipart of Eagles

Snorkelling eagle cartoon clipart.

Free animated eagle clipart picture.

Free cartoon clipart of eagle at school.

Cartoon eagle flexing muscles in free clipart.

Cartoon eagle soaring clip art image for free.

Thanks for checking out these free cartoon eagle clipart pictures. Be sure to also check out Bald Eagle Clipart for realistic eagle images. Thanks!

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