Monday 29 September 2008

Yogi Bear Clipart

Yogi Bear was one of my favorite cartoon characters when I was a kid! These days he's not as popular or well-known as other classic cartoon characters, which is a shame because Yogi Bear's great! These Yogi Bear clipart images can help you share Yogi Bear with the young generation today!

Yogi Bear Clipart of Yogi running with picnic basket.

Sketch art Yogi Bear clipart image clip.

Chillin' against the wall Yogi Bear Clipart.

Clipart of Yogi Bear icon small image.

Yogi Bear clipart of him dancing or starting to run (or something!).

Clipart of Yogi Bear and friends.

Yogi Bear clipart of hurry to picnic time!

Yogi Bear clipart of dinner--taking honey from a honeycomb!

Yogi Bear clipart image featuring his friends.

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Friday 12 September 2008

Free Landscape Clipart

As an avid traveler one of the things I love the most about visiting new places is seeing the breathtaking landscapes, with all their varying natural wonders. I've been deserts and sand dunes in Africa, evergreen temperate rainforests in Canada, tropical jungles in southeast Asia, and arctic tundra in Scandanavia. I love painting and sketching landscapes so I can remember the atmosphere and how it made me feel.

Here are some free landscape clipart, that I hope can inspire you to travel and see more of nature's beauty! They might be useful for your wesbite too!

Landscape clipart for free. Mountain island ocean.

Free landscape clipart image. Beautiful Italian landscape

Free landscape clipart of a creek in a valley.

Landscape clipart for free, showing a raging river and mountainous terrain.

Free landscape clipart of the coast at dusk.

Free landscape clipart of a mountain stream flowing softly.

A quiet river bed in Canada is shown in this free landscape clipart.

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Thursday 11 September 2008

Free Hippo Clipart

The word "hippopotamus" comes from the Greek words meaning "river horse"! Hippos are found in sub-saharan African. They live both on land and in the water! They bathe in the water or mud during the day to keep cool, and at dusk they come out onto land to graze.

Despite their heavy weight, hippos can run very fast, faster than humans. Hippos' speed has been measured at up to 48 km/h (30 mph).

I hope you like these cute free hippo clipart!

Real-looking free hippo clipart image.

Cute cartoon clipart hippo with funny teeth.

Silhouette hippo clipart image.

Free clipart hippo picture of realistic hippo.

Funny cartoon hippo clipart for free with big teeth.

Free hippo clipart pic of hippo brushing his teeth.

Free hippo clipart of purple hippopotamus reading the newspapers.

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Tuesday 9 September 2008

Tornado Clipart

If you're looking for tornado clipart, you can find some good ones here. I was watching a documentary about tornado chasers the other day. I personally think they're nuts! I wouldn't get that close to a huge twister! But tornados sure are a exciting, fascinating, and frightening phenomenon.

Geometric raging tornado clipart image.

Spinning twister tornado clipart picture.

Small cool tornado logo clipart illustration.

Dusty twisting tornado.

Cartoon tornado clipart destruction image.

Warning: Hurricane clipart roadsign.

This clipart hurricane is a friendly one who won't destroy your home.

Frightening and destructive Twister Tornado swirls through your community in this clipart picture.

I hope you found these tornado clipart pictures useful. Be sure to check back for more clipart displays in the future! See you again!

Friday 5 September 2008

Bathing Suit Clipart

Summer's over but you can still go to the pool, or go on vacation to your favorite tropical resort. I personally love the tropical beaches of Bali island (not so far from me).

Here are some bathing suit clipart images. If you have a website related to the beach, vacations, tropical locales, etc. then maybe you'll find these swim suit clipart pics useful.

Bathing Suit Clipart of girl wearing nice swimwear.

Swim suit clipart of girl's bathing suit.

Swim suit clipart of girls 2 piece bikini.

Cartoon girl wearing bathing suit clipart.

Swimwear clipart image of girl's blue bathing suit.

Bathing suit clipart of black bikini swimwear clip art.

Man's swimming trunks clipart swim suit.

Girl on beach sunbathing in one piece swim suit.

I hope you found these swimwear clipart of bathing suits, swimming trunks, and bikinis useful! I can't wait until my next beach holiday so I can swim in the emerald ocean!

Thursday 4 September 2008

Free Exercise Clipart

Do you love exercise and fitness? I personally go to the gym 3 times a week and go jogging an additional 3 times a week. I have a different blog about fitness, and these free fitness clipart have been very useful to me on that blog, so I thought I'd share them with other exercise-lovers.

Free exercise clipart of silhouette walking image.

Free fitness clipart of gym bench and barbell.

Free exercise clipart of man on stairmaster and woman on treadmill.

Free fitness clipart of woman doing aerobics.

Free exercise clipart of 3 women doing aerobics at the fitness center.

Free fitness clipart of fit woman doing aerobics with dumbbells.

Free exercise clipart of bodybuilder lifting weights barbell.

Free fitness clipart of bodybuilder lifting barbell in bicep curl.

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Wednesday 3 September 2008

Free Tropical Clipart

Are you sick of working day in and day out in your little office cubicle? I know I am! Maybe you need a tropical vacation! But if you can't get away just yet, these free tropical clipart images will help you visualize that state of relaxation.

Trpical Island clipart for lying on the beach.

Free tropical clipart of caribbean ocean and gorgeous beaches.

Tropical island clipart with nightview of resort palm trees, coconuts, and exotic fish at the equator.

Free tropical clipart of tropical fruit from the southern hemisphere.

Tropical island clipart silhouette picture with bright shining sun.

Free tropical clipart picture of hammock and palm trees at a 5 star beach resort in the bahamas.

Risiing sun over a tropical beach clipart with palm tree growing.

Tropical island clipart of palm tree with fallen coconuts. Scubadiving and snorkelling in the sea nearby.

Tropical fruit and fruit drink free clipart pic.

Free tropical clipart of island for sale to jet ski enthusiast who loves watersports.

I hope these tropical clipart and tropical island clipart could help you daydream and imagine your next tropical vacation a little more vividly. Also have a look at these new tropical palm tree clipart. I add new clipart posts almost every day, so be sure to check back often for new clipart updates.