Thursday 22 January 2009

Eye Clipart

Bloodshot eyes, spooky eyes, rolling eyes and peering eyes. These can give an eery feeling that your website is "being watched" or observed by some unknown character. My personal favorite eye clipart is the third one below, which shows an eye peering through a hole in the wall, or a whole in the computer screen! It works great on a page with a white background.

Animated blinking eye clipart.

Black and white magical eye clipart

Peering through hole in wall eye clipart.

Spooky eyes clipart pictures in black and white.

Scary eye clip art image looking sideways.

Googly eyes animated clipart graphics

Red bloodshot eye clipart picture.

Looking around the room animated eye clip art graphic.

Thanks for having a look at these eyes clip art graphics and animated pics. I'm sure they'll add a little bit of a quirky edge to your webpage.

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Wednesday 21 January 2009

Rock Clipart

For today's nature and outdoors clip art theme I chose something that I don't see often online, so I thought this would be useful because of its rarity. Sometimes you need a rock clipart pic or some clipart stone images to create an outdoors or rugged atmosphere on your website. While uploading the stone and rock images I remembered the sword and the stone clip art at the bottom, and thought it would be a cool addition because it's taken from such a reminiscent story from my childhood!

Feel free to take some of these rocks, but don't throw them!

Big seashore rock clipart image in black and white.

A pile of rocks clip art picture in color.

Some small grey rock cliparts for you to select from.

A single medium size gray clipart stone.

The sword in the stone clipart. Try to pull this one out! I bet you can't!

Cool! Thanks for checking these out. While writing this I realized that some people might be searching for rock music clipart when they find this. So maybe in the near future I'll put together an update with rock 'n' roll clipart.

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Thank You Clip Art

There are many happy occasions or moments of gratitude when it is prudent to say "Thank you" to those who have shown us their love and lent us a helping hand. In that spirit of gratitude, I would like to offer you some Thank you clipart images to use in home made thank you cards, etc.

Small yellow lights clip art THANKS.

Big mouth Thank you clip art graphics.

Red letters thank you clipart image.

Purple border card with thank you message clip art picture.

Daisy and Donald Duck saying THANKS in this beach clip art grpahics.

Big dog thank you clip art.

Colorful cliparts Thank You Jesus!

I hope you appreciate these Thank You clip art pictures. I posted these to say thank you to all my visitors who support this site. Be sure to visit again soon!

Monday 19 January 2009

Clover Leaf Clipart

Have you ever found a lucky four leaf clover? They're incredibly rare, but the "luck of the Irish" could come in handy here!

The 4 leaf clover is a symbol of Ireland, Irish luck, and St. Patrick's Day which is (almost always) held on March 17.

If you don't yet possess Irish luck, maybe one of these lucky clover leaf clipart pictures wil rub some luck off onto you. Download one and put it on your Irish website. You might start getting lucky!

Big green clover leaf clip art image.

Four leaf clover clipart border background.

Field of clovers in grass cliparts.

Hand-drawn Irish clover clip art with shadow.

Small green clover leaf clip art icon for Irish websites.

Clover clip art image leaf pics for the Irish.

Thanks for checking out these four leaf clover clip art pictures. Lucky things just might start happening!

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Sunday 18 January 2009

St Patricks Day Clip Art

St. Patrick's Day, or Saint Paddy's Day as its sometimes known, is the national holiday of the Republic of Ireland. It is also a huge celebration amongst people of Irish ancestry around the world, and also for anyone else who loves a good Irish-style frollicking.

Saint Patrick's Day celebrates the life of, you guessed it, St. Patrick! He is the Patron Saint of Ireland, credited with bringing Christianity to the heathen people of Ireland.

Today's celebrations have little to do with the saint himself, and more to do with drinking green beer, wearing durby hats, waving the Irish flag, getting wildly drunk, and wishing for luck with the four leaf clover.

Let's all celebrate on March 17! In honor of this special day, feel free to download a free St Patricks Day clip art and place it on your webpage.

Snoopy and Woodstone appear in this free Happy St Patricks Day clip art image.

St. Patrick clipart featuring an Irish pot of gold.

A jolly Irish leprechaun celebrates with green beer in this St Patricks Day clip art for free.

Drinking green beer with the Irish flag in this St. Patricks day celebration clip art picture.

Irish derby hat for St. Patricks Day clip art.

St. Patricks celebrations in Ireland cliparts.

Thanks for celebrating Paddy's Day with some St. Patrick's Day cliparts. Be sure to browse our clipart categories for more great clipart pages. And for more Irish clipart check the following links:

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