Thursday 10 December 2009

Sport Clip Art

A lot of people recently have emailed me asking for sport clip art, which I found strange since I have already posted a lot of sports and athletic clipart on this site. But then I realized that rather than posting them all in one central place, I had posted them all separately in different subcategories like baseball, hockey, etc. So today I decided to aggregate those various posts and give you all of the links to those sport clip art collections in one entry.

So here they are!

Free Sports Clipart

Free Basketball Clipart

Soccer Clipart

Funny Golf Clipart

Free Golf Clipart

Free Football Clipart

Free Tennis Clipart

Free Softball Clipart

Cheerleading Clip Art

That's all of the sport clip art for now. But it is very likely that I will add more in the future, since I am interested in athletics and fitness and I enjoy sports. Especially sports like ice hockey, which is like the national pastime of my home country Canada. Officially, lacrosse is our national sport. But ice hockey is much more popular. Anyway, enjoy the clipart and see you next time!

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Mexican Clip Art

Mexico is a country in the Western Hemisphere, south of the United States. Mexico has a population of 111,211,789. It also has a fascinating culture that Americans and others have been intrigued by and endeard to for decades. We all know Speedy Gonzalez, we all know about pinatas, sombreros, tacos, and all those other Mexican cultural stereotypes. I know those don't represent the main part of Mexican culture. But they are fun symbols nonetheless.

Below are some fun Mexican clip art you might find useful if you're making a webpage on the topic of Mexico.

Mexican clip art of rattles
Mexican clip art of pinata
Mexican clip art flag image
Mexican pepper clipart picture
Clipart of Mexican pepper
Mexican flag clipart picture

Did you find the above Mexican clip art useful? If so, I'm glad, and I hope you can find much more of value here. See you again soon!

Tuesday 8 December 2009

School Bus Clip Art

Most school-related webpages, including school district or specific school related webpages seem to have school bus clip art on their sites. And I recieved several emails asking me why I don't have a full collection of school bus clipart on this site, so I decided to look around for some good ones to package together here.

I never rode the school bus to school when I was a kid. I lived nearby so I always walkd. But for a lot of kids the school bus is a big part of their school experience. They socialize and make friends on the bus, and depending on at what point in the route that they board the bus, they could be spending several hours a week on the school bus. And school buses are of course important for school field trips. They are essential for a complete school experience. That's what makes school bus clip art very potent symbols of children's education.

Realistic school bus clip art
crayon drawing school bus clip art
Students riding the school bus clip art image
Ride the school bus cliparts
classy painted school bus clip art
Clip art of school bus driving on two wheels

School bus clip art like the above might be useful for your webpage or print outs, and I hope that's the case! Be sure to check out some other collections on this site. I hope you find some more useful themes and images!

Friday 27 November 2009

Lion Clipart

Lions are amazing animals. I love them because they are symbols of power and strength, the kings of the jungle. Lions can be dangerous to humans, but they demonstrate the awesome power of nature and rather than look down on them I respect them for their strength. That is why lions are often the symbol and mascot of sports teams. The lion's strength is an inspiration to the atheletes.

But in cartoons and comics, cute and friendly lions are just as common as powerful strong ones. Lions are like big cats, so they can be cute as well.

Here are some lion clipart images.

These first two lion cliparts appear courtesy of Free Clipart Now
Old yellow lion clipart image

Classic yellow free lion clipart picture

Look at the beautiful mane on this lion clip art image

Cute cartoon lion clipart image
Black and white clip art of lions

The final lion clipart comes courtesy of Cavalry William Sport.

Black and white lion clipart

Thursday 26 November 2009

Fish Clip Art

One of the most searched types of clipart is fish clip art. I haven't put so much fish clipart on this site until now, so today I decided to add some more fish images to meet the demand!

My hometown is a fishing village, so fish are very familiar to me. I used to go fishing with my family as a kid, taking home sockeye salmon and trout, and a lot of bullheads (a kind of fish you can't eat, so we would throw them back into the water). And now I live in Japan, known for its great seafood especially sushi, which is made of (usually) raw fish.

Here are some fish clip art you may find useful for your fish or fishing related site!

Star fish clip art images
scary piranha fish clipart image for free
Green and yellow fish clipart cartoon image
Blue and Orange fish clipart
black and white fish clip art colorable picture

I hope you found the above fish images useful. And I hope you have a chance to enjoy fishing and eat fresh fish straight from the ocean. There's nothing like it!

Sunday 22 November 2009

Frog Clip Art

Today I decided to bring you a small collection of frog clip art after my son came home with some frogs he caught in the stream near our home. When I was a kid I used to try to catch frogs just like my son did this week. I would hunt for frogs in the little creek near my grandparents' house. Sometimes I caught them, but they always escaped from my hands and ran away! That used to make me sad. haha

Here is the frog clipart
Frog Clip Art images black & white
Public Domain frog clip art black and white images
A pair of green frogs clip art
Frog clip art pictures in black and white
Beautiful green frog clip art pic
Cute cartoon frog clip art

I hope these frog clip art images are both enjoyable and useful for you. If you love animals as much as I do then I'm sure they will be! See you again soon, and be sure to browse some other clipart collections!

Friday 20 November 2009

Snowflake Clip Art

I am originally from Canada and when I was a kid it used to snow a few times every winter. Sometimes the snow would pull up over a meter high! Sometimes my friends and I used to try to stick our tongues out and catch snowflakes on our tongues! And at school I always loved making paper snowflake crafts. In fact now that I'm a teacher I love making them with my students!

Here are some snowflake clip art pictures to use on your homepage to give it some winter flavor!

Blue snowflake clip art pic
Black and white snowflake clipart images
Nice snowflake clip art imagery
Winter snowflake clip art graphic images
Christmas time snowflake clip art for kids

I hope these snowflake clip art images up above are useful to you and that they can bring you some winter joy this holiday season!

Thursday 19 November 2009

Star Clipart

Today I'm bringing you some star clipart. I've always loved stars, and staring up at the stars always gave me a wondrous mystical feeling and inspired a lot of deep thoughts about how life began, how big the universe is, etc. But I grew up in the city, so when I went camping with my family in the countryside is when I really enjoyed looking up at the stars. Away from the city you can see the stars unimpeded, without pollution, smug, and city lights obscuring the view. It's a gorgeous sight! I love stars and stargazing.

Smiley yellow star clipart pic
Happy yellow star clipart image
Gray stars clip art picture for fun
Red metallic star clip art picture
Brown star clipart pic for designs and stuff
Light blue star clipart with rounded edges
Sharp-edged blue stars clip art graphic
Large orange star clipart picture for people who love stargazing

I hope you like these stars clip art and make good use of them. They are suitable for many kinds of designs, either for print out or for webpages.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Clip Art Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner so it's time to get into the Christmas Spirit and spread some holiday cheer. One of the ways I want to spread some holiday cheer is by bringing you some clip art Christmas pictures. You can put these up on your personal homepage to give it some holiday flavour, or if you make your own Christmas cards maybe these will make a useful graphic you can use.

My favorite part of Christmas when I was a kid was always the candy canes. My parents would decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments and candy canes, but by the time Christmas day came there would be no candy canes left on the tree because I had eaten them all!

Clip art Christmas picture of Santa Claus and reindeer
Santa Claus Jolly Saint Nick with a bag of toys in this clip art Christmas pic
Clip Art Christmas picture of Santa and a bag of toys for all the nice kids
Clipart of candy canes for the Christmas season
Clipart with presents under the Christmas tree

The next one comes courtesy of

Clip art of Christmas stocking with toys inside
Clipart of a Christmas fireplace with stockings hanging on it
Clip Art Christmas present image for download or print

I hope you enjoy these clip art Christmas images and can make good use of them on your personal webpage or on printed Christmas cards, etc. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!