Monday 28 June 2010

Plyers Clipart

In yet another entry to our tools clipart theme, today I decided to add a small collection of plyers clipart images. I hope these are useful for your home improvement, handy work, or other wesbite. Anyone who has done any handy work or repair work has most certainly used plyers, as they are one of the handiest of all tools. You can use this simple little tool to manipulate the shape of wires, pieces of metal, snails, and more. Their uses really are endless.

But it does take a lot of practice to learn how to use them effectively. I still don`t have very good plyers technique, but it`s something I work on regularly as I do a lot of handy work.

Here are the plyers clipart images mentioned above:

Plyers clipart images for handymen
Handy plyers clipart
tool clip art of plyers

Monday 21 June 2010

Saw Clipart

In keeping with our current theme of handy tools, today`s entry brings you some saw clipart images. Web pages for construction, or carpenters or other people who build things might be nicely complemented by one of these images.

I pesonally have no real interest or experience with saws. Actually I find them kind of frightening, and I have ever since I was a small child. I would always watch my father cutting things with a saw and fear that he would cut his arm off! Of course it never happened, but just imagining it was enough to traumatize me! haha

Here are a few saw clipart that I hope you find useful:

Saw clipart for construction site
Saw clip art images for carpenters and builders
Great saw clipart images
Clipart pitures of saws

I found these clipart at Visit that site for more collections of free clipart.

Monday 14 June 2010

Nail Clipart

In the last clip art entry I posted some hammer clipart. To compliment those hammer clip art images today I`m bringing you some nail clipart images. If you have a website about tools, handy work, or home improvement you may find these nail clip art pictures useful.

When I was a kid I used to go into my father`s tool box and play with all the stuff I could find, but I especially loved the nails. I would find scrap pieces of wood just so I could hammer the nails into them, then use the hammer to pull the nails back out and look at their newly warped shape. I though that was really cool! Anyway, I digress. Here are the nail clipart I mentioned above:

Nail and hammer clipart pictures
nail clipart to match hammer image
nails clipart pictures