Sunday 14 November 2010

More Thanksgiving Turkey Clipart

Today I'm bringing you another Thanksgiving turkey clipart image for the holiday season. It's fairly similar to the one I uploaded last time, except that this one has more vegetables and fruits surrounding the base of the turkey, making this a more colorful image. The angle of the turkey itself is also slightly different. You can look at both and choose the one you think is more suitable.

More thanksgiving clipart

I hope the above image was useful to you. If you like the above image, have a look at, the source of this public domain clipart.

Submarine Sandwich Clipart

Today's clipart image comes from the free food clipart category. It is a submarine sandwich clip art image. I love submarine sandwiches, whether they're from Subway or Quiznos or wherever. I usually get foot long subs because I'm a big guy so I can eat a lot in one sitting. My favorites are the basic types like roast beef, turkey breast, and tuna. The fancier spicy sauce flavors, etc. are not really my thing.

Free food submarine sandwich clipart

I hope the above submarine sandwich clipart pic is useful for you. Visit for more free clipart like the above.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Lasagna Clipart Black and White Version

Today's pasta clip art installment is the black and white version of last time's lasagna clipart. The images are identical except for the lack of color. You can use this black and white version if you want to customize the picture with your colors of choice, so that it suits your website or chosen design format.

Colorable black and white lasagna pasta clipart

Enjoy the above image. I'm looking forward to seeing your customized version. See you next time.

Sunday 31 October 2010

Lasagna Clipart

Today's pasta clipart image is lasagna clipart. Authentic Italian lasagna is one of my favorite foods in the world. You may think that lasagna is extremely heavy and fattening, but the original Italian kind isn't like that. It's lighter and healthier than its American incarnations.

People with food websites or a website for an Italian restaurant might find this clipart useful.

Pasta lasagna clipart

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Sunday 17 October 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Clipart

The fall season has begun and soon it will be Thanksgiving, so I decided to add a new Thanksgiving Turkey clipart image. A lot of people in this season like to add a seasonal theme or image to their homepage, and a Thanksgiving image like a turkey could give your page a little holiday and seasonal flavor.

Thanksgiving turkey clipart

Have fun with the above Thanksgiving turkey clipart image. The above image was found at They have large collections of public domain clipart for free.

Monday 11 October 2010

Spaghetti Meal Clipart

Today we bring you another installment in the pasta clipart series with a new spaghetti clipart pic. This spaghetti image features not just a color image of spaghetti itself but also of a drink and cheese to go along with the spaghetti. I love adding cheese to my steaming hot spaghetti sauce so it melts into it.

Clipart image of spaghetti meal with a drink and cheese

I hope this spaghetti meal clip art image is useful to you and your website. I found the image at Check out their site for lots of other free clip art pictures.

Monday 4 October 2010

Black and white spaghetti clipart

Today's installment in the pasta clipart is a black and white version of our spaghetti clipart from last week. The picture is exactly the same, except this one has no color so you can customize it more easily to suit whatever background colors you like. There are different kinds of spaghetti sauce, for example, and with this black and white image you can decide whether you want to portray white cream sauce, or orange tomato sauce, or brown curry sauce, or whatever else you want.

Black and white spaghetti clipart image

I hope the above black and white spaghetti clipart is useful to you. Find more great free clipart at which was my source for the above image.

Monday 27 September 2010

Spaghetti Clipart

Today I'm beginning a new series on pasta clipart, beginning with spaghetti clipart. These days I'm on a serious diet so I'm not eating spaghetti very often, but when my waistline was less of a concern I used to eat spaghetti at least once a week, that's how much I like it. There are countless variations on the spaghetti theme, even when you keep the same pasta base. You simply make some changes to the spaghetti sauce recipe. I'm a big fan of white cream sauce, but there are lots of great tomato-based sauces as well.

This clipart image of spaghetti could be useful for those with websites about food, or a website promoting their own restaurant.

Yummy-looking spaghetti clipart

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Sunday 19 September 2010

Sausage Hot Dog Clipart

I know I know, these aren't really hot dogs. They're sausages. But there isn't much demand for a big sausage clipart series, so I thought I'd thrown these ones into the hot dog clip art category. Hot dogs bring me back all sorts of childhood memories. And sausages bring me all sorts of summer memories. Especially camping and summer camp, since those were times when we would eat lots of sausages for breakfast. These days I try to avoid them in favor of healthier foods, but I do splurge and give into temptation when on camping trips or having breakfast at a hotel buffet, etc.

Hot dog sausage weiner clip art

I hope you found the hot dog clip art series useful. Be sure to check in for more theme clipart series in the near future.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Meat and Onion Hot Dog Clip Art

Now this is one appetizing hot dog clip art picture. This looks like the most realistic one so far, so realistic that it's making me look hungry. The meat and onions look like really authentic toppings, I can almost taste them just glancing at the clipart pic.

If you have a more colorful and flamboyant website or print material then a somewhat more attention-grabbing hot dog image like this one might be most appropriate.

Onion & meat hot dog clipart image

Sunday 5 September 2010

Simple Mustard Hot Dog Clipart

Here's another mustard hot dog clipart, but this one is simpler than last time's image, without much detail other than the bun, hotdog weiner, and a light stream of mustard on top. If you have a simple website or print material that requires a hot dog image, this simple one could do the trick.

Clipart image of simple mustard hot dog

Sunday 29 August 2010

Ketchup Hot Dog Clip Art

Finally a hot dog clip art picture with ketchup! I don't like mustard or relish so all of the other images up until this point have kind of made gag. Ketchup is my condiment of choice, especially on hot dogs.

When I was a kid I used to put ketchup on everything, to the point where my parents would get angry because I was wasting it, and they said I was taking in too much sugar and salt from the ketchup. Nowadays I limit the amount I eat of course, but try getting an 8 year old kid with a sweet tooth to do that!!

Sunday 22 August 2010

Clipart of a Mustard Hot Dog With Green and Yellow Relish

This hot dog clip art pic is a little different from last time's mustard hot dog image because this one also has 2 types of relish. That is, both green relish and yellow relish. I'm not really a fan of any of those condiments, but I suppose if I had to choose one I'd take the yellow relish.

Clipart of a mustard hot dog with 2 kinds of relish

Sunday 15 August 2010

Mustard Hot Dog Clip Art

Continuing with our current hot dog clip art theme, today we have for you a mustard hot dog image. This one is simpler and less colorful than last time's, but that might be suitable for websites and print materials that are a little less flashy and more restrained and conservative.

But the kid in me says "Mustard sucks! Where's the ketchup?" I have never been a big fan of mustard, except for in recent years when I've taken a liking to spicy mustard and Dionne mustard.

Mustard hot dog clipart image

Saturday 7 August 2010

Relish Mustard Hot Dog Clipart Part 2

Last time we brought you a clipart image of a relish and mustard covered hot dog, and today we bring you a second and slightly higher quality one. I prefer the imagery in this one since it is more vivid than the one I presented last time. It looks a little more realistic and believable. This is my favorite of the entire hot dog clip art series.

Relish Mustard hot dog clipart number 2

Saturday 31 July 2010

Mustard Relish Hot Dog Clip Art

Today we bring you another entry in the hot dog clip art series. This one is a mustard and relish hot dog clipart image. I have never been a big fan of relish so the image doesn't look particularly appetizing to me, but I know there are lots of people out there that love it so maybe they'll enjoy the image more!

In any case I can appreciate the design and artistry that when into creating it.

Mustard relish hot dog clip art

Saturday 24 July 2010

Black and White Hot Dog Clip Art

Last time I brought you the most simple hot dog clip art image I could find, since we can build up from there and check out progressively more interesting images. But today's images are black and white hot dog clip art. These are great because you can color them anyway you want and make them uniquely yours.

Hot dogs don't look quite so appetizing when they're totally lacking color, do they?

black and white hot dog clipart
black and white no color hot dog clip art image

Saturday 17 July 2010

More Mustard Hot Dogs Clipart

Here's another simple hot dog with mustard clipart, in case you need another one. It's not too different from one of the previous images, but I wanted to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. Look at the subtleties of design and artistry and choose the one that you feel is the best match.

More mustard hot dogs clipart pictures

I hope you're finding these hot dog clipart useful!

Simple Hot Dog Clip Art

Since I have been getting a lot of requests for hot dog clip art, I decided to bring some to Clipart For Free. So over the next few entries I'll be bringing you some great hot dog clip art images.

Hot dogs are not the most nutritious food in the world. They're made from a mix of throwaway meat products and flavored with a little spice to make them taste like something! But hot dogs bring back lots of childhood memories for me. Especially hot dog day at school, when kids would be treated to hot dogs and other goodies at lunch time. I also have a lot of birthday party memories that come up when I eat hot dogs.

The first entry in our hot dog clip art series is this most simple hot dog image:

The simplest hot dog clipart you'll ever see

Get more free hot dog clip art images (and loads of others) at

Friday 9 July 2010

Computer Mouse Clipart

In the last clipart entry we posted some mouse clipart pictures, as in the animal. But a sizeable number of people found that page while searching for a different kind of image: computer mouse clipart. So today we decided to provide the other kind of mouse so that everybody can find the clipart they are looking for.

I personally love wireless computer mouses. Those are the best because they allow you to sit down and do work a little farther away from the computer screen. But I also like using the built-in touch mouse on my notebook mini-pc.

Here are some computer mouse clipart. For more great images try

pc mouse clip art
Computer mouse clipart image
Computer mouse clipart

Now I hope you found the kind of mouse you were looking for.

Friday 2 July 2010

Mouse Clipart

Today we bring you some mouse clipart. You may be searching for a different type of mouse, the computer instrument known as a mouse, but these images are not of a computer mouse. They are clipart images of the animal from the rodent family.

Some people may be hesitant to put a mouse clip art image on their website because mice are considered "gross" by a lot of people. But I guess that is a matter of perspective, because I think mice are cute and harmless. Whatever your impression of them is, here are some mouse clipart down below.

The first two images appear courtesy of

Mouse rodent clipart

Mice clipart picture
Clip art mouse

mouse clipart pics

Check back soon for more cool animal clipart images.

Monday 28 June 2010

Plyers Clipart

In yet another entry to our tools clipart theme, today I decided to add a small collection of plyers clipart images. I hope these are useful for your home improvement, handy work, or other wesbite. Anyone who has done any handy work or repair work has most certainly used plyers, as they are one of the handiest of all tools. You can use this simple little tool to manipulate the shape of wires, pieces of metal, snails, and more. Their uses really are endless.

But it does take a lot of practice to learn how to use them effectively. I still don`t have very good plyers technique, but it`s something I work on regularly as I do a lot of handy work.

Here are the plyers clipart images mentioned above:

Plyers clipart images for handymen
Handy plyers clipart
tool clip art of plyers

Monday 21 June 2010

Saw Clipart

In keeping with our current theme of handy tools, today`s entry brings you some saw clipart images. Web pages for construction, or carpenters or other people who build things might be nicely complemented by one of these images.

I pesonally have no real interest or experience with saws. Actually I find them kind of frightening, and I have ever since I was a small child. I would always watch my father cutting things with a saw and fear that he would cut his arm off! Of course it never happened, but just imagining it was enough to traumatize me! haha

Here are a few saw clipart that I hope you find useful:

Saw clipart for construction site
Saw clip art images for carpenters and builders
Great saw clipart images
Clipart pitures of saws

I found these clipart at Visit that site for more collections of free clipart.

Monday 14 June 2010

Nail Clipart

In the last clip art entry I posted some hammer clipart. To compliment those hammer clip art images today I`m bringing you some nail clipart images. If you have a website about tools, handy work, or home improvement you may find these nail clip art pictures useful.

When I was a kid I used to go into my father`s tool box and play with all the stuff I could find, but I especially loved the nails. I would find scrap pieces of wood just so I could hammer the nails into them, then use the hammer to pull the nails back out and look at their newly warped shape. I though that was really cool! Anyway, I digress. Here are the nail clipart I mentioned above:

Nail and hammer clipart pictures
nail clipart to match hammer image
nails clipart pictures

Sunday 23 May 2010

Hammer Clipart

It can be hard to find clipart images for various handy tools, but these hammer clipart images could be helpful. Hammers are tools that are uses to hit nails and push them inside a surface, usually to hold an object in place against another. Hammers are one of the most common tools and construction utensils in the world. Without hammers much of our modern architecture and building would be very difficult to carry out. Maybe in prehistoric times primitive men used simple stones or other hard objects as tools instead of hammers, but obviously the precise shape and weight of modern hammers makes our work much more efficient

Below are some hammer clipart images.

Hammer clipart
clipart hammer picture
image of hammer clipart
clip art hammer picture

The above clipart are declared public domain clipart, posted courtesy of Visit them for more great public domain clipart.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Pen Clipart

In our last installment we brought you a small collection of pencil clipart, great for use in school-related imagery. Because kids have to use pencils in elementary school before they learn to write with other utensils, since kids naturally make a lot of mistakes. But today we're building on that school theme by bringing you some pen clipart images.

I really like pens. Not just regular Bic pens that you buy in bulk or whatever, but high quality expensive pens. I love to collect them, hold them, put them on dispay, and sometimes even write with them!

Good pen clip art
Pen clipart image
Writing utensil pen clipart

The above clipart are declared public domain clipart, posted courtesy of Visit them for more great public domain clipart.

Sunday 9 May 2010

Pencil Clipart

Some of the coolest clipart to come by are school supplies clipart, including all the different tools you use at school like pencils. So below there is a small collection of pencil clipart images for you to choose from. I personally can't remember the last time I used a pencil. These days I almost always write notes by computer or text message, and when I have to write by hand I usually use a pen and use liquid paper to fix mistakes instead of an eraser. But kids need to learn how to use pencils in order to move onto using pens, so it's a good thing we use pencils in elementary school.

Here are some pencil clipart pics.

Pencil clipart pictures
Clipart of pencil
School supply pencil clipart
Clip art pencil image

The above images are all declared public domain images courtesy of

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Technology Clip Art

If you are looking for technology clip art you have come to the right place. Here is a new mini collection of clipart that you can use on your technology-related website, electronics related website, computer related website, school web page, and so on.

Our world today is so technologically advanced. I can't imagine a world without computers, or without the information revolution of the internet. I really have no idea how the internal electronics of a computer work, but I think it is amazing that mankind has progressed so far that we can build such amazing machines that aid our lives every day.

Here are some technology clip art pics:

Cartoon computer technology clip art

technology clip art of electronics and construction

Technology clipart computer pic

Technology clip art personal computer

Did you find the above clipart useful? I hope so, and I hope you come back soon for more great clipart of technology and other topics as well.