Thursday 28 July 2011

Pair of Bottles Clipart

This clipart is unique in our current bottle series for one main reason: it features two bottles side by side rather than just one. This image features a blurred texture that makes it inappropriate for certain design environments, but makes it especially expressive in other design environments.

Clipart of pair of bottles

I hope you find this clipart image useful. If not, then make sure to check out others in this bottle clipart series, as well as other categories entirely.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Artistic Green Bottle Clipart

This green bottle clipart image is a little strange, because it has a blurry, smudged appearance that make it a little abstract-looking. I`m not quite sure what kind of bottle this is, exactly. But that vague appearance also makes this image quite versatile, since it can be used to represent many different kinds of bottles. Nobody will think twice if this image doesn`t look completely representative, since it is obviously an artistic and abstract type image.

blurry green bottle clipart

Enjoy using this unique clipart for your website or printable!

Thursday 14 July 2011

Champage Bottle Outline Clipart

If you checked out last week`s bottle clipart image you saw a nice colorful champagne bottle clipart picture. This week`s image is similar to last week`s, except that this week`s image is the black and white outline image of the champagne bottle. This image will be very useful if you need a champage clipart but you don`t like the colors of last week`s image. You can color this outline clipart however you wish and be totally satisfied with the resulting image.

Champagne bottle outline image

I hope you like coloring your own pictures and that you will find good use for this customizable outline champagne bottle clipart.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Champagne Bottle Clipart

This fantastic champage bottle clipart image is today`s new image in the bottle theme series. If you have been following along, you have seen a variety of bottle clip art pics, but most were either generic bottles or wine bottles. This is the first champagne bottle image in the collection.

champagne bottle clipart

Many thanks for your continued visits! Keep on checking back for updates and new clipart series. See you soon!