Sunday 18 May 2008

Celtic Cross Clipart

A lot of people have recently contacted us asking for celtic cross clipart, so we decided to make today's clip art entry about celtic cross images.

Also referred to as the High Cross, Irish Cross, or the Cross of Iona, the Celtic Cross is the symbol of Celtic Christianity. It's main features are a cross with a ring surrounging the intersection. Even though it is used as a Christian symbol, it's origins are thought to lie in pre-Christian symbol called the Sun Cross.

In Ireland, it is said that the Celtic cross was introduced to the country by Saint Patrick Saint Declan who came to convert the Irish pagans. Some say that they combined the Christian cross with the symbol of the sun, to demonstrate to pagans the symbolism of the resurrection (since the sun rises from the horizon as Jesus rose from the dead) and the emphasize the importance of the cross in the new religion.

So today we bring you a wide variety of Celtic Cross clipart images. Enjoy!

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We hope you enjoyed our free celtic cross clip art and images. Make sure to bookmark this page and check for new clipart categories often!

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