Sunday 5 October 2008

Lion And Lamb Clipart

The Christian symbols of the Lion and the Lamb represent the dual nature of Jesus, showing his role as the humble Lamb of God, who sacrificed for our sins; and as the Lion of Judah, the king of kings and God himself. This dual nature stems from the idea of the trinity and that God has three different forms, the father, the son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. That's why Jesus both serves God and is God.

Today some people also use the Lion and Lion as a symbol of world peace, with the potentilly dangerous lion and the vulnerable lamb living in harmony.

Here are some lovely lion and lamb clipart pictures for your faith-themed website.

Lion and lamb clipart oil painting image.

Black and white lion and lamb clipart printable pic.

Lion and Lamb clipart painting with Jesus in the background.

Lion and lamb clipart oil painting image for free.

Lion and Lamb clipart with Lion above and lamb below.

Free Lion and Lamb clipart image with cuddling.

Cute lion and lamb clipart picture of lamb giving the lion a kiss.

Lion and Lamb clip art images.

I hope you found these lion and lamb clipart pictures useful and inspirational. Be sure to check back for more clipart themes soon!

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