Thursday 22 January 2009

Eye Clipart

Bloodshot eyes, spooky eyes, rolling eyes and peering eyes. These can give an eery feeling that your website is "being watched" or observed by some unknown character. My personal favorite eye clipart is the third one below, which shows an eye peering through a hole in the wall, or a whole in the computer screen! It works great on a page with a white background.

Animated blinking eye clipart.

Black and white magical eye clipart

Peering through hole in wall eye clipart.

Spooky eyes clipart pictures in black and white.

Scary eye clip art image looking sideways.

Googly eyes animated clipart graphics

Red bloodshot eye clipart picture.

Looking around the room animated eye clip art graphic.

Thanks for having a look at these eyes clip art graphics and animated pics. I'm sure they'll add a little bit of a quirky edge to your webpage.

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