Thursday 29 October 2009

Native American Clip Art

Today's Native American clip art celebrates the heritage and culture of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas, particularly Canada and America. They have contributed a lot to our nations, and their traditions give our countries a core identity that they would otherwise not have, being mainly immigrant nations.

I think that Native American, or I believe "First Nations" is the properly accepted term these days, culture and history of how their communities and cultures were harmed should be a part of every child's education.

This Native American clipart shows a native man spotting the arrival of European colonists.

Native American clipart of colonists reaching the New World

Here are two small sample cliparts from Phillip Martin. His website has lots of great free clipart created by Mr.Martin himself.

Killer whale Native American clip art sample
Clip art of little Native American girl

Here are some sample free Native American clip art that I found at That site is great, so be sure to visit and check out their great collections.

Native American clipart image of story teller
Clipart of a native american dream catcher
Native American clip art of head dress

I hope you found these clipart of Native Americans and their culture helpful and enjoyable. Be sure to have a look over our other themes and topics. See you again soon!

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