Friday 13 February 2009

Hippie Clip Art

Hippies were people of a youth subculture that started in the United States in the early 1960s, becoming very popular in 1967 because of an event called the "Human Be-in" in San Francisco. The popularity of hippie subculture culminated in the infamous Woodstock Festival in 1969.

Hippies wore a unique fashion style including tie dye clothing, listened to psychadelic rock, formed collective hippie communities, practiced "free love", and used drugs such as marijuana and LSD. They preached a new age kind of philosophy of peace and love and spirituality. But I think that was just an excuse to party and engage in free love!!

Here are some cool hippie clip art images to commemorate the hippie subculture and its continued influence on pop culture today.

Holding the peace symbol hippie clip art image

Showing the peace sign hippie clipart

Hippy clip art picture of tie dye

Tie Dye wearing Hippie clip art pic

I hope you liked the above hippie clip art pictures. Be sure to bookmark and check back soon. Peace!

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