Thursday 29 September 2011

Portable Wireless Router Clipart

This portable wireless router clipart image is a personal favorite of mine because it looks just like the one I use with my netbook whenever I am working outside of the house or on a trip. In fact I am using it right now!

This router clipart is sleek and modern-looking, unlike some of the hokey-looking clipart images from the 1990s we sometimes get stuck with. The only problem with this image is that its white color and subtle shadowed border make it not really standout against a white background (as you can clearly see on this page). Therefore I recommend you use it on a darker background, or you adjust it to make its outer border darker to create more contrast.

wireless broadband router clipart

Hopefully this portable wireless router clipart was what you needed. If not, then have a look at the source of the above clipart called They have a big collection of related clipart, as well as lots of clipart in other categories.

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