Thursday 22 September 2011

White Wireless Router Clipart

Continuing with our sub-theme of wireless router clipart pics, today I bring you this white wireless router clip art image. This one, to my eyes, is too bland to use in its current form. When I first saw it I didn`t even notice what it is because it lacks detail. Only the antennas were a giveaway of the mystery item`s identity. But lately I`ve been preferring simple images because they are easier to customize or to create new images from. The only element of the image that might be hard to incorporate into an adapted image is the transmission waves eminating from the antennae. But those can be easily deleted and redrawn in an adapted image.

white wireless router clipart image

Hopefully this white wireless router clipart image was along the lines of what you were looking for. If not, then have a look at the other clipart pics in this category, and maybe you`ll find something more appropriate!

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