Thursday 19 November 2009

Star Clipart

Today I'm bringing you some star clipart. I've always loved stars, and staring up at the stars always gave me a wondrous mystical feeling and inspired a lot of deep thoughts about how life began, how big the universe is, etc. But I grew up in the city, so when I went camping with my family in the countryside is when I really enjoyed looking up at the stars. Away from the city you can see the stars unimpeded, without pollution, smug, and city lights obscuring the view. It's a gorgeous sight! I love stars and stargazing.

Smiley yellow star clipart pic
Happy yellow star clipart image
Gray stars clip art picture for fun
Red metallic star clip art picture
Brown star clipart pic for designs and stuff
Light blue star clipart with rounded edges
Sharp-edged blue stars clip art graphic
Large orange star clipart picture for people who love stargazing

I hope you like these stars clip art and make good use of them. They are suitable for many kinds of designs, either for print out or for webpages.

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