Friday 27 November 2009

Lion Clipart

Lions are amazing animals. I love them because they are symbols of power and strength, the kings of the jungle. Lions can be dangerous to humans, but they demonstrate the awesome power of nature and rather than look down on them I respect them for their strength. That is why lions are often the symbol and mascot of sports teams. The lion's strength is an inspiration to the atheletes.

But in cartoons and comics, cute and friendly lions are just as common as powerful strong ones. Lions are like big cats, so they can be cute as well.

Here are some lion clipart images.

These first two lion cliparts appear courtesy of Free Clipart Now
Old yellow lion clipart image

Classic yellow free lion clipart picture

Look at the beautiful mane on this lion clip art image

Cute cartoon lion clipart image
Black and white clip art of lions

The final lion clipart comes courtesy of Cavalry William Sport.

Black and white lion clipart

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