Friday 20 November 2009

Snowflake Clip Art

I am originally from Canada and when I was a kid it used to snow a few times every winter. Sometimes the snow would pull up over a meter high! Sometimes my friends and I used to try to stick our tongues out and catch snowflakes on our tongues! And at school I always loved making paper snowflake crafts. In fact now that I'm a teacher I love making them with my students!

Here are some snowflake clip art pictures to use on your homepage to give it some winter flavor!

Blue snowflake clip art pic
Black and white snowflake clipart images
Nice snowflake clip art imagery
Winter snowflake clip art graphic images
Christmas time snowflake clip art for kids

I hope these snowflake clip art images up above are useful to you and that they can bring you some winter joy this holiday season!

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