Wednesday 18 March 2009

Animated Patriotic Clipart

Continuing in our patriotic American theme, today we bring you animated patriotic clipart. These wonderful American graphics provide some additional life to your webpage and draw viewers' attention to the image. Plus they're just fun to look at. My favorite is the first one which shows the stars and stripes superimposed over a peace symbol. This is symbolic of America's role as peacekeeper and spreader of Democracy around the world.

Animated American peace clipart

Patriotic bless our troops clipart

Columbus's fleet sails to America

Animated Patriotic American flag clipart

Red white and blue emblem

Animated stars and stripes flying in the wind

Proud to be an American patriotic clipart animation

Thanks for checking out the animated American clipart. Be sure to check out our other themes such Patriotic Eagle Clipart, and American Flags Clipart.

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