Sunday 8 March 2009

Free Easter Clip Art

Easter is coming soon on April 12, 2009. It's a fun family holiday when you and your kids can await the arrival of the Easter Bunny, and enjoy eating chocolate bunnies and eggs. I used to love having Easter Egg hunts when I was a kid.

So to celebrate Easter, have a look at these Free Easter clip art pictures. First up are some Easter Bunny clipart.

Easter bunny clipart pics for kids.
Free Easter bunny clip art images.
Pink Easter bunny clipart pics for the holiday.

Here is a lovely Easter flowers clipart. This flower is an Easter lily.
Easter Flower clipart

Easter clipart of basket of easter eggs

Free Easter egg clipart in backet.

I hope you found these free Easter clip art useful and fun! Have a great holiday.

And if Christian Easter images are more important to you, check out Free Christian Easter Clip Art

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