Saturday 7 March 2009

Christian Easter Clipart

Kids love Easter. Easter is a fun time to hunt for Easter eggs, eat chocolate bunnies, and the like. But a lot of people ignore the true meaning of Easter, which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ was crucified on the cross, an event commemorated on Good Friday. Then on the third day, Christ was risen from the dead.

I hope that we can remind ourselves of the true meaning of Easter even while enjoying some of the secular traditions of the holiday. Happy Easter!

Here are some free Christian Easter clip art for you to add to your Easter or Christian webpage.

Free Christian Easter clip art cross images
Holy Easter clipart of cross and dove

I hope you enjoyed these holy Easter clipart images. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy it while meditating on its true meaning. Happy Easter!

If you want secular images of Easter celebrations, check out Free Easter Clipart.

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