Friday 4 July 2008

Care Bears Clipart

I wasn't a fan of Carebears when I was a kid. But my sister collected them all, so this clipart theme brings back a lot of memories of my childhood! I hope you enjoy this Care Bears clipart and Care Bears coloring pages.

Rainbow Carebears clipart for kids

Care Bears clipart with heart shaped balloons

Care Bears in basket journey clipart

Jumping on clouds Carebears clipart

Swinging from the moon Care Bears clipart images

Raining Care Bears clipart umbrella

Star-topped ice cream Carebears clipart dessert

Care Bears clipart of bear being lifted into the air by helium balloons!

Two bears shake hands and greet each other in this Care Bears clipart picture

Care Bears sleeping on the moon in this spacey clipart

Care Bears clipart of cute bears sliding down a rainbow like a playground slide

Cute pink Carebear in this free clipart

Care Bears coloring pages for kids and clipart fans

Care Bears clipart of one Carebear giving his love to another

It's rainging hearts in this Carebears clipart picture image

Care Bears create a heavenly playground in the clouds in this clipart picture

Care Bear jumps for joy after getting a clipart Valentine!

Care Bears sleeping after a long day or coloring pages and making clipart!

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