Tuesday 29 July 2008

Cute Clipart of Dogs' Paw Prints

Free clipart of dogs' paw prints. These images make a fun addition to any web page about pets, animals, or dogs.

These remind me of the muddy paw prints my dogs leave all over the carpet whenever they come in from being out in the backyard. I've done everything, even fenced off the garden to keep the dogs out, but they always explore and find a way to get past the fence. So they always come back with mud all over their paws!

Small brown dog paw prints.

Two dog paw prints for kids and animal lovers.

A row of 4 paw prints cliparts stamped on paper.

Smooth and round black dog prints.

Cute picture made of dog's paws forming a circle and face.

We hope you liked these clipart dog paw prints images. Be sure to also check out Dog Bone Free Clipart.

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