Wednesday 2 July 2008

Cute Dog Clipart

I'm a huge dog lover, so today I decided to post a collection of free dog clip art! Currently I own two cavalier spaniel dogs. They are cute little loveable toy dogs, meaning that they are small like puppies even when they are adults. They make very loveable pets, but be careful because they love their owners too much! Whenever you leave the house, they will bark and cry and be really depressed.

When I was younger I had a shetland sheepdog, also known as "shelty". They look like collies, except they are smaller. My friends used to call my dog "baby Lassie" when I was a kid.

Dogs make wonderful pets, and I hope you can find one that suits your style! Check out these pics of various breeds.

Animated running dog clipart picture

Dog house with dog sleeping inside

Bulldog funny dog clipart

Beautiful Husky dog.

Dalmation puppy dog clipart with butterfly on his nose.

Collie dog, like Lassie.

Walking and barking animated dog clip art

Dressed dog picture for dog lovers.

Cute dog and cat clip art

Animated dog clipart with wagging tail

Pug dog clip art.

Dog skeleton clip art

Cute mastiff dog picture

Blinking animation dog under blanket

German Sheppard dog clipart in black and white.

Funny dog clipart with dog bone in his mouth.

Free animated puppy clip art with wagging tail.

Big dog bone clipart.

Big Clifford dog clipart changing from white to red animation

Boxer puppy animation wagging its tongue

Clipart puppy pictures of lovely little dogs

Puppy pictures

Cute puppy dogs picture

Free dressed dog clipart. Well, at least he's TRYING to get dressed!

Free dog clip art with bouncing ball

Dog obedience needed for this strangely behaving dog!

Free dressed dog clip art in green clothes

Dog dressed in clothes.

Boxer dog clipart for boxer lovers around the world

Dogs dressed as Princess Leia and Darth Vader!

I hope you enjoyed the above funny dog clipart images. Also be sure to check out these fun and cute Free Chihuahua Clipart.

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