Monday 7 July 2008

Free Plant Clipart

Inspired by my parents who love gardening, I decided to upload a collection of free plant clipart! My parents' backyard is like a jungle, filled with all kinds of lush plants and flowers. These plant clipart aren't as beautiful as the real thing, but they can recreate a similar atmosphere in a 2-dimensional world. Enjoy these free downloadable printable plant clip art pictures and images.

Free plant clipart of bulb and roots and sprouting

Free potted plant clipart in wheelbarrel in garden

Various tropical plant clipart for free

free plant clip art of green leaf plant

Black and white free plant clipart for botanical clip art lovers

Bamboo plant clipart for free, with sharp pointy leaves in black and white

Cartoon free plant clipart with smiley face guy

green pitcher plant clipart with thorns

Free green plant clipart on white background

Black and white potted plant clipart for free downloadable printable use

Painting style plant clipart made with free strokes of water color

Small dark green free clipart of bittersweet plant

Small black and white clipart plant to be placed in the aquarium in the corner

Corn stalk free plant clipart image of black and white garden picture

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