Friday 20 June 2008

Cool Monster Truck Pics for Websites or Print Out!

These free monster truck clipart are for people like me who love monster truck events, and used to hassle their parents to take them to the big smashup shows when they were kids!! I get excited remember those days!

For those of you who don't know what monster trucks are, they are basically show vehicles based on the design of pickup trucks, but with massive wheels and suspension that raise them high off the ground so they can run over obstacles and demolish things. The first monster truck in the world was the BIGFOOT driven by Bob Chandler.

Below are some clipart of awesome monster trucks of destruction and demolition!!

Monster Truck Clipart for free

Camoflage Army Monster Trucks with huge wheels.

Cliparts of Monster Trucks crushing cars like crazy.

Monster trucks for webpage animations and graphics

Clipart Monster Truck images photos graphics and animations

Brown monster trucks vehicle pics.

Huge muddy monster truck clipart picture.

Thanks for having a look at these free monster truck clipart. Also be sure to check out Free Truck Clipart. Have a great day at the stadium!

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