Thursday 12 June 2008

Free Pirates Clipart

With the current hype over Pirates of the Caribbean clipart users have been asking me a lot for cliparts of pirates. So here you go, lots of clipart pirates swashbuckling and doing whatever else pirates do. I couldn't find one that looks like Johnny Depp though!

Pink Ghostgirl scary pirates clipart

Ghostboy with parrot clipart pirates and new red bandana

Chest and treasure pictures clipart images photos

pirates that don't do anything clipart of anchor

Similar to Pirates of the Caribbean clipart we saw a few months ago!

lego pirate picture

Jolly Roger pirate flag clipart

clipart of Jolly roger symbol on pirate flag blowing in the wind

Blurred Jolly Roger flag clipart for pirates at sea

Simple straight Jolly Roger on flag with no wind or blurring. This is the classic pirate flag image on this clipart.

cliparts of pirate ghosts from video games clipart. These guys are cute! Like Pacman!!

Pirates that can't do anything except rob and drink rum.

Pirate clipart of treasure map. Let's find the booty together!

Clip arts of pirates ship with jolly roger flying at sea in the Caribbean

Pirates at sea with ship and flag on the ocean

Pirats ship with Jolly Roger flying in the wind. Somebody's gotta walk the plank!

More pirates clipart of pirate ship at sea

Teddy Bear Pirates clipart with red bandana toy cute girl.

Clipart of pirate flag with skull and swords.

Teddy Bear Pirate boy with bandana and torn clipart clothing

Sparkling treasure chest for the lucky clipart pirates who found it! Full of sparkling gold, silver, and coins of the Caribbean

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