Friday 20 June 2008

Truck Clipart for Kids and Truck Lovers

Kids are fascinated by machines and vehicles, and I think especially by trucks. Little boys love trucks and their awesome horse power and sturdiness. I loved playing with Tonka trucks when I was little, and always begged my uncle to take me for rides in his semi-truck.

Here are some free truck clipart pictures for you to enjoy, and to put onto your related webpages.

red and white ambulance fire truck clipart

Cement conrete truck clipart that's yellow and blue

Blue and orange dump truck clipart

Free farm truck clipart carrying produce

Free red and white fire truck ambulance clip art

Medium size custom truck pictures

Red flame tow truck image of towing car.

Fast truck with truck grille image.

White Ford semitruck on the highway.

Free yellow custom moving truck image wmf

Orange and grey concrete cement truck cliparts for vehicle collectors.

Race truck clipart on the track racing

Pink purple grey and white semi truck clip art.

Red gravel farm fire Ford truck with free race capabilities even when moving on gravel fast!!

Blue grey black custom semi truck clipart wheels for free when you monster race!

I hope you found these truck images useful! Also check out these Free Monster Truck Clipart.

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