Tuesday 24 June 2008

Free Insect Clipart

Free insect clipart, animated insect graphics, and free insect images for kids. This is one of my favorite clip art collections so far! I loved bugs when I was a kid (real bugs, not clipart!). I used to take jars from the kitchen, go outside into my backyward and use the jar to collect bugs so I could examine them! I collected bees, slugs, flies, caterpillars, butterflies, and lots of others.

Well, here are some cute bug clipart pics for you to enjoy!

Red ant insect clipart for kids.

Free incect clipart of hercules beetle!

Closeup Fly clipart.

Free honey bee clip art.

Cliparts of bee insects that fly around in the sky.

The Hungry Caterpillar Clipart, insects like flies, beetles, bees, grasshoppers, etc.

Poisonous scorpion clipart.

Mosquito  clipart pictures and animated gif graphics.

Big bug eyed fly clipart for webpages.

Annoying BUG clipart for insect lovers--and bug haters!!

Fly on the wall bug clipart!

Red and yellow cute bug clipart.

Tiny green flying animated bug clipart.

Green body orange eye cartoon bug clipart for kids.

Orange and yellow bug clipart for you.

Scary bug flying towards you!!

Clipart of bugs!!

This man is trying to kill a bug in this clipart. Little does he know that the bug will EAT HIM!!

Bugs clipart like this clipart mosquito!!

Free clipart ladybug!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar clipart for kids, librarians, teachers and parents. I love this book! Free clipart of caterpillars.

Free insect clipart of cute bugs.

Animated insect bug clipart that flashes like a real firefly!

orange and green ladybug animated clipart.

I hope you enjoyed the above images of bugs and other little critters and creepy crawlies! You might also be interested in spiders clipart. Thanks for visiting!

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