Wednesday 18 June 2008

Sesame Street Clipart

We've so far presented you with a few different Disney themes, so we thought it was only fair to bring you some of Jim Hensen's wonderful creations as well. So today we bring you fee Sesame Street Clipart! Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Elmo, The Count, Kermit the frog clipart, etc.

Free Sesame Street Clipart of Ernie

Animated Sesame Street Clipart of Elmo dancing in the free air

The Count baby in Sesame Street head picture

Baby Cookie Monster Clip art from Sesame Street

Baby Bigbird pictures for download!

Bert and Ernie little baby sesame street clipart for kids and webmasters.

Free Oscar the Grouch images for kids.

Huge Big Bird clipart from Sesame Street for babies.

Kermit the Frog cliparts from his house on Sesame Street

Straight from Sesame Street, animation of Ernie winking.

Bert and Ernie with baby Elmo character Sesame Street Cliparts.

Elmo swinging like crazy for animation in this clip art from Sesame Street.

Bert and Ernie are riding a motor bike!!

animated Sesame Street gif of Cookie Monster eating all the cookies in town!!

Animated Elmo clipart picture of him running to Sesame Street for his birthday party and cake!

Cookie Monster Bert Ernie Snuffaluffagus Big Bird Count Sesame Street multi-character clipart for free

COOKIE MONSTER eating cookies as crumbs fall over the Sesame Street sign.

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