Wednesday 4 November 2009

Fire Department Clip Art

Continuing with a recurring theme of fire safety, today I'm bringing you some fire department clip art. If you are interested in contributing to fire safety education, perhaps you have or are planning to make a website about the topic. In that case, some fire service clip art might be a useful addition to your website.

Fire safety education is very important. Even before my children started going to school, I took them to the fire department just up the street from our house, so they could see what the fire men do and learn some tips from them. I think most fire departments are happy to give you a little educational tour if you ask them in advance. Some fire fighters need to always be on call, so there are always some of them at the fire station killing some time until they get a call, so you might even give them a much needed break from their routine.

Check out these fire department clip art:

Fire department clipart of house on fire
Fire department clip art, fire station
Fire hydrant clip art
Fire department clip art of firetrucks
Fire service clipart
Clip art fire hydrant from local fire department collection

I hope you found the above clipart useful. Also check out firefighter clip art. Be sure to subscribe and come back to have a look at future collections. Cheers!

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