Thursday 21 August 2008

Boer Goat Clipart

Here you can find images of Boer Goat clipart. Boer Goats are a breed of goat created in South Africa to function as a source of meat (as opposed to a source of milk). In the US, they are primarily raised in Texas.

Boer Goats typically have white bodies and brown heads, with long ears. They often have a lot of hair hanging under their chin, making their head look bigger like it has a mane.

Small boer goat clipart icon pic.

Large black and white boer goat clipart image for breeders.

Stamp of boer goat clip art picture.

Photo image of boer goat clipart figure with shadow.

Young boer goat buck clipart with circular border.

Small black and white boer goat clipart illustration for goat farmers.

Little boer goat clipart icon head picture.

Interesting boer goat clipart image of digitalized photo.

Clipart of Boer Goat embroidery work.

Brown and white boer goat clipart image of young buck.

Small boer goat photo clip art image picture.

Tiny Boer Goat clipart silhouette image for goat breeders and farmers wesbites.

Thanks for checking out these boer goat clipart pictures. Remember--they're meat goats, so don't get too attached to them even though they're cute!! Be sure to subscribe or bookmark and check back often, because I add new clipart themes every day. See you soon!

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