Thursday 7 August 2008

Smiley Face Clip Art

Free Smiley clip art faces for download. Choose from a variety of cute smileys. These can make a cute fun addition to your website's design.

Classic Yellow Smiley Face Clip art picture.

Classic computer emoticon smiley face clip art from the old days!

Black background smiley face clip art with mirror image relection below

Yellow and white cute smiley face clip art

White smiley face on black background clipart pic.

Classic Yellow smiley face with black outline clip art picture.

Yellow and black smiley face with slight smirk clip art.

Cigarette smokin' smiley face clip art picture image.

Angry growling smiley face clipart picture.

Speechless smiley face clipart emoticon character.

Funny smiley face clip art guy showing his teeth.

Laughing smiley face clip art classic computer emoticon style.

Silly goofy smiley face showing teeth awesome clip art!!

Injured hospitalized smiley face clip art image old skool smiley emoticon.

We hope you enjoyed these fun smiley face clip art downloadables. Make sure to bookmark or subscribe, because we add new clipart themes every day! See you soon!

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