Tuesday 5 August 2008

Dora The Explorer Clipart

Today we bring you clipart of Dora the Explorer. Dora The Explorer is a series that airs on Nickelodeon, and began in 1999. In each episode of the show, Dora goes on a travelling adventure to find something or help someone. With the help of her trusty map that the viewers at home help her summon, Dora always overcomes her obstacles and accomplishes her mission.

Dora The Explorer and friends button clipart picture.

Dora The Explorer eating an apple while studying in this cute clipart image.

Dora The Explorer and the gang making a snowman on a cold winter's day.

Dora The Explorer clipart of soccer match.

Dora the Explorer clipart portrait face pic.

Dora and Boots together in this cute exploration clip art graphics.

Dora The Explorer and Boots have a cookie in this cool clipart picture.

Boots and Dora The Explorer clipart with a fly eating their cookie.

A fly flies away with Dora The Explorer's cookie!!

Dora The Explorer dressed up as a pirate in blue clipart attire.

Teddy Bear being cuddled by Dora The Explorer clipart pics for free download.

Dora The Explorer and Boots breakdancing on the ground!

Princess Dora The Explorer Clipart of her swinging on a vine like a money (like Boots).

Free Dora The Explorer clipart of her friend Swiper on the prowl.

Free Dora The Explorer Clipart of character I don't know!!

Free Dora The Explorer Clipart of her ice skating and getting a perfect score from the Russian judges!!

Clipart of green dinosaur sorry I forgot his name but he's from the princess Dora The Explorer series.

Funky blue cow rockin' out on the cow bell!! This dude did all the soundtracks for the show. Free Dora The Explorer clipart of other characters.

Boots shakin' his butt to impress Dora the Explorer in this crazy clipart image pic.

Clipart of Dora The Explorer, Swiper, and Boots stealing a car and running from the cops!

Dora The Explorer clipart of Dora dressed in a bunny rabbit costume.

Dora the Cowgirl Explorer clipart with lasso and cowboy boots.

Plain old Dora The Explorer clipart of her waving at her fans and saying hello!

Dora The Explorer collecting flowers for her loved ones and friends.

Dora's friend Boots leaving muddy footprints all over the rug in this clipart picture!

Dora The Explorer and Boots being attacked by a scary clipart lion!! Oh no!!

Cowgirl Dora the Explorer and friends say goodbye in this final clipart image.

I hope you enjoyed these free Dora the Explorer clipart pictures. Be sure to bookmark and check back often because we add new clip art themes daily!

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