Friday 8 August 2008

Fire Fighter Clip Art

Free firefighter clip art pictures for download. Firefighters battling fires, shooting water hoses, smashing windows with axes, and rescuing people caught inside their burning homes.

Silhouette image of firefighter clipart. Free download!

Free fire fighter clip art of fireman holding hose and spraying water.

Cartoon style free firefighter clip art of fireman spraying water hose on a raging fire.

Firefighter clipart of firemen battling a raging free fire.

Cute funny free fire fighter clipart of cartoon fireman putting out a big massive warehouse fire.

Free fire fighter clip art of heroic man battling a blaze.

Firefighter Clip art of fireman rescuing a child from a burning building before it goes up in flames.

Cool firefighter clipart emblem logo symbol representing all the heroic firemen of the world.

Free fire fighter clip art image of firewoman about to karate chop a helpless dog. But I bet the dog will bite her and chew her arm off!!

Fire fighter clip art of guy holding an axe so he can smash open a door without burning his hand.

Sketched and colored fire fighter clip art picture of fireman putting out a fire with hoses and water canons.

Backdraft silhouette image of firefighter clip art in burning house about to collapse.

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