Saturday 30 August 2008

Free Sheep Clip Art

Here you can find free sheep clip art, including sheep silhouette clipart, because I've recieved some requests for them. I once worked on a farm with sheep. They're stinky little animals, but they're cute, aren't they? These clipart pics are useful for sheep or animal-related websites.

Cute free sheep clip art picture of fluffy lamb.

Cartoon free sheep clipart image for lamb-loving kids.

Cute storybook style free sheep clipart picture for those who like sheep's wool.

Big black sheep silhouette clipart.

Pair of twin lamb free sheep clipart double picture.

Nice sheep silhouette clipart background image.

Beautiful lamb's free sheep clip art picture for animal-lovers.

I hope you found these free sheep clip art images and sheep silhouette clipart pictures useful. Be sure to check back often, because I add lots of clipart themes each week, including plenty of animal themes. Check back again for updates! See you soon.

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