Sunday 10 August 2008

Free Japanese Clipart

Maybe some of you know that I live in Japan. So today I bring you some free Japanese clipart images to help you feel the atmosphere of Japan! Right now it's the summer fireworks season, so we have many fireworks festivals and many people are wearing tradtional clothing so it is a festive time!

Free Japanese clipart of the map of Japan. Blank with no labelling.

Animated free Japanese clipart of popular cartoon and comic character Doraemon dancing!

Animated free Japanese clipart character Doraemon singing!

Free Japanese character Doraemon in cute clipart picture.

Cute Japanese free clipart of girl wearing kimono and dancing with folding fans called sensu.

Free Japanese clipart of cute girl playing a traditional instrument called Shamisen and singing.

This is a Japanese flag. It is not so popular amongst Japanese people these days because it reminds them of the war time. But it is simply designed and beautiful.

Here is a traditional free Japanese clipart image of a Japanese woman in a kimono holding a sensu. Today you can see Japanese women wearing a kimono or yukata usually on special occasions only.

This is a free Japanese clip art picture of Osaka Castle, an important historical castle in Japan.

Free Japanese pagoda clipart image in black and white.

This is a free Japanese clipart pic of cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japanese. The sakura's blooming causes a big celebration in Japan every year!

We hope you enjoyed these Japanese clipart images. Be sure to look at our other clipart themes. We have many themes and add new ones every day!

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