Thursday 28 August 2008

Noah's Ark Clipart

Here you can find Noah's Ark Clipart, for your bible-themed Jewish or Christian website.

Noah lived in a time when the other people of the Earth were not following God's ways. God decided to send a flood to kill off the people of the Earth, with the exception of Noah and his family. God gave instructions to Noah to build a huge ship called an ark, and inside to put 2 of every kind of animal, and 7 of every kind of animal that humans eat.

God sent a flood that lasted for 40 days, and the ungodly people of the Earth had been eliminated. That sounds terribly frightening, but these cute Noah's Ark clipart pictures with cute animals soften the shock for kids!

Noah's Ark clipart with all the animals onboard.

Noah's ark cutout clipart with boat and animals. Noah looks so happy--of course! Because he's not going to die by drowning!

Circle bound Noah's Ark clipart for kids.

Small Noah's Ark clipart for Jewish and Christian kids.

Rainbow shining over Noah's Ark clipart. The rainbow was a sign that God would never again send a flood to kill everyone.

Giraffe popping his head out of Noah's Ark clipart image.

Noah's Ark clip art picture for Sunday School students.

Funky dogs and cats on board Noah's Ark clipart graphics.

Noah's Ark clipart for church-related wesbite.

Christian educational materials like Noah's Ark clipart.

I hope you found these Noah's Ark clipart useful. Please have a look at our other Christian and Jewish related clipart themes. And I post new clipart themes every day, so check back often for updates!

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