Saturday 30 August 2008

Clipart Farm Animals

Here you can find cute clipart farm animals to download. When I was a child I used to visit my uncle and aunt's farm, and I was fascinated by all the barnyard beasts I saw. I used to help my aunt milk the goat--yes, the goat! And I collected eggs for my uncle. These clipart remind me of those days!

Horse clipart farm animals pictures for kids.

Clipart farm animals in farm wagon in field.

Rooster clipart farm animals pictures.

Mother hen and her baby chicks eating feed in this clipart farm animals image.

Milking cows dairy clipart farm animals.

Cow clipart farm animals standing with farmer.

Cow and goat clipart farm animals standing in barnyard. Free downloadable clipart.

Pig farm animal clipart graphics picture.

ON THE FARM clipart farm animals like duck and mouse logo title.

I hope you found these clipart farm animals useful and fun. Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to this site, because I add new clipart themes almost every day. Many of them are animal related. Check back often for new uploads!

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